Having manufactured the first copy machines and facsimiles in Korea, SINDOH has worked its way towards being a global output solution partner. We have grown to be a corporate culture centered around people by focusing on our love for the country, workplace and people, core technological capability and partnership with professionals based on trust.

The digital network environment representing the 21st century is going through rapid changes thanks to the growth of mobile and cloud technologies, so customers require more efficient and innovative office environments. SINDOH provides office systems built around digital all-in-one solutions and printers that surpass customer expectations. SINDOH is a group of professionals that includes R&D, sales, manufacturing and service, with solidified partnerships in renowned global enterprises. Our unique expertise and know-how from doing business overseas allow us to penetrate global markets with confidence.

2014 saw the establishment of our SINDOH African distribution and this is the year that marks our first steps towards a bigger world. As we have done in the past 50 years, we will continue to pursue constant innovation in the next 50 years as well as successfully expand into other markets such as Europe and Asia.

SINDOH will be reborn into a company to support all global customers with its management philosophy, “With Customer, With Cost, With Ownership.” I hope you will be with us to witness the days ahead.

Woo Suk-Hyung
Chairman and CEO


BUSY has been in the office machines, office furniture and stationery business for over 40 years. We believe in offering our customers quality products, backed by prompt and efficient service.

Over the years, we have successfully promoted products which were not known in this part of the world with great determination. We have gained the respect from our customers as a company that can be trusted for the products we market.

We have a dedicated sales and certified technical team who go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Owing to our vast experience in this field, we have embarked on promoting Sindoh digital copiers and printers throughout the Caribbean region. We believe that our vision, passion and expertise in this field would eventually make Sindoh a household name.

We are proud to associate BUSY with Sindoh and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Roopnarine Rampaul